Commercial Services

Stony Plain Seed Cleaning offers a variety of grain cleaning and handling services to farmers and grain companies.

Seed Cleaning

Stony Plain Seed Cleaning can clean many types of grains, including oats, barley, wheat, rye, peas, flax & triticale. We can clean the grain to any specification you require. From dockage cleaning to high-grade pedigreed seed cleaning, we can do the job for you.

Export Grains

In addition to our seed cleaning, we also have a very active export grain division that can help you sell your product overseas. Stony Plain Seed Cleaning regularly buys grains such as oats, flax, barley, wheat & peas for processing & exporting to domestic and international markets.

Bagging & Stuffing

Our facility has 2 bagging rooms and several overhead bins for efficient loading of either containers or trucks. Our bagging system can handle approximately 1,000 bags/hr and our load-cell bins can load bulk trucks in as little as 15 minutes.

Seed Treating

In addition to cleaning, Stony Plain Seed Cleaning can also treat your grain in our temperature-controlled treating room for application all year round. Treating your grain gives it additional disease resistance and may provide a “boost” to fertility. We regularly treat crops such as Wheat, Barley, Oats & Peas.


Stony Plain Seed offers transloading services for domestic and international shipments.

SPSeed Cleaning Calendar

Pay the day you pick up and get a discount of 3 cents / bushel

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          1SPSCA OatsSPSCA Oats 2
3 4SPSCA OatsSPSCA Oats 5 6Faba BeansFaba Beans 7 8SPSCA OatsSPSCA Oats 9
10 11Thanksgiving Day ClosedThanksgiving Day Closed 12CPS WheatCPS Wheat 13CPS WheatCPS Wheat 14CPS WheatCPS Wheat 15SPSCA OatsSPSCA Oats 16
17 18SPSCA OatsSPSCA Oats 192 Row Barley2 Row Barley 202 Row Barley2 Row Barley 212 Row Barley2 Row Barley 22SPSCA OatsSPSCA Oats 23
24 25SPSCA OatsSPSCA Oats 26Seed OatsSeed Oats 27Seed OatsSeed Oats 28Seed OatsSeed Oats 29SPSCA OatsSPSCA Oats 30
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Note: New cleaning prices in effect for all appointments booked after October 14th, 2021. See our newsletter for the updated price list.

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