About Stony Plain Seed
Cleaning Association

The Stony Plain Seed Cleaning Association was established in 1954, with the primary goal of serving local area farmers. With the growing Agriculture Industry, a decision was made in 1986 to expand and modernize the facility. This expansion has resulted in a wider range of services and markets being added to current operations. With increased export involvement, the plant now services customers across Canada, the United States, Mexico, and overseas in markets such as Japan, China, Korea, and the Philippines.

Our Services

Stony Plain Seed Cleaning

At Stony Plain Seed Cleaning, we focus on the “customer’s success.” To achieve this, we continue to upgrade equipment and employ knowledgeable staff to keep pace with the ever-changing Agricultural Industry. Customers are guaranteed top quality seed & feed grains, and we offer the ability to ship them either bagged or bulk via truck, rail, or ocean containers.

Stony Plain Seed are capable of cleaning cereals, pulses, and specialty crops with a storage capacity of approximately 1,600 metric tonnes of grain.

Stony Plain Seed Cleaning’s robotic bagging system and bulk handling equipment enable us to package & load both containers and trucks efficiently.

Stony Plain Seed market & export crops such as oats, barley, wheat, flax, rye, peas, and other specialty grains.

Please visit our pricing page daily for current commodity pricing.

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