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Treating Services

Stony Plain Seed Cleaning offers Seed Testing and Treating services to farmers.

Treating Services

Stony Plain Seed Cleaning can assist you with all your seed treating needs. Treating helps to strengthen and nourish seed against disease, producing better yields. We use RAXIL PRO for our treating application, but we can bring in other product to suit your needs. Customers are also able to bring in their own chemical and we will apply it to your seed for you.

 We regularly treat crops such as wheat, barley, oats and peas. Prices for Treating are:


$4.07/ Bushel
  • $3.07/ Bushel (Chemical)
  • + $1.00/Bushel (Labour)


$3.07/ Bushel
  • $2.07/ Bushel (Chemical)
  • + $1.00/Bushel (Labour)


$4.77/ Bushel
  • $3.77/ Bushel (Chemical)
  • + $1.00/Bushel (Labour)


$1.00/ Bushel
  • Customer provides their own chemical
  • + $1.00/Bushel (Labour)
  • Did you know?
    Raxil Pro seed treatment can reduce seed infected with Fusarium Graminearum by 16.7%
  • Did you know?
    Seed can be treated in tempatures above -5 degrees Celsius.
  • Did you know?
    Proper seed storage can reduce the risk of developing & spreading Fusarium Graminearum.

Testing Services

Seeds needing testing for spring planting can be accepted at Stony Plain Seed Cleaning.  We use some of the top testing facilities to send seed for a variety of tests, including germination, vigor, and fusarium. Rates can vary based on the facility, but we try to maintain a single price list for each season.





Basic Cereal.....................

Germination & fusarium




Stony Plain Seed Cleaning has required that all cereal seed for planting be tested for Fusarium Graminearum (FG) since 2003. With a positive test our policy was to not process this product. This was to stop the spread of the disease. However FG is now in our area and we believe that we have changed our policy.
Please note that it has never been illegal for infected seed to be processed, but now the Pest Act no longer includes FG.
We highly recommend if you need to seed FG infected seed, please use seed treatment, fungicide, and proper seed and field rotations to help control the spread in of FG.
Agronomist suggest not planting anything testing at 5% and above. Although treatment is advised on all seed in high FG areas in order to protect it for the next season.

Our Policy

1) All cereal seed for planting must still be tested for FG.
2)If a test comes in with 0.5% or less FG we will process the grain with no provisions
3) If a test comes in with 0.5% up to 2.0% FG we will process the grain with the provision that the infected seed be treated before being planted.
4) If a test comes in over 2.0% FG, we will not process the infected seed, but will help you, if we can, to source new seed.
5) SPSeed will have designated days for processing FG infected seed, so we ask that you work with us on the scheduling.
6) All seed sold though SPSeed will require a FG test and we will strive to supply the lowest percentage possible.
Note: We strongly suggest treating all seed due to the sudden increase in FG in our area. This will strengthen your seed and protect you for next year.

Stony Plain Seed Cleaning uses ONLY certified seed labs for ALL seed and soil testing.  Available testing covers everything pertaining to seed quality and soil fertility/physical properties.

In partnership with reputable seed suppliers, Stony Plain Seed Cleaning offers a variety of certified forage & cereal seeds for different applications.

Additionally, Stony Plain Seed Cleaning can assist with customizing blends of forage, turf and native reclamation grass and legume species to fit customer needs.

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