We are looking for 2CW oats. Please contact our Grain Marketing Rep.


July News 2024

Summer is finally here and we are hopeful for good weather. The plant will be down for maintenance from July 29th to August 9th. This will only affect the plant function, we will still be open and the office will be completely available for all sales functions.

While cereal seed sales are wrapped up for he year, we still have pasture, hay and lawn seed available through to the fall. Please note that anyone who knows what they want for next season can place an order anytime before January 31st and receive a 10% discount on their order.

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe summer!

June News 2024

With such erratic weather it’s been a hectic spring. We hope everyone has dodged the rain enough to get their seed in the ground. If not we have open cleaning times if your short, and bagged hay, pasture and lawn blends for anything else you may have planned.

DID YOU KNOW: Stony Plain Seed Cleaning has been around for 70 years, we are proud to still serve our local farmers with the same types of services that our founders started the facility to provide.

May 2024 News

Spring is in full swing now, and we are hoping for a good season this year. As in past years, please keep up with your local fire precautions as many areas are under fire bans.

We are happy to again support our local 4H club with their 74th annual Beef and Sheep Achievement show and sale is coming up May 22, 2024 at the Heritage Pavilion in Stony Plain. The Show starts at 10am, with dinner at 5pm and the sale begins at 7pm. Support local, support our youth!

April 2024 News

Grass and forage seed is now in stock!

Check out our Ricing & Marketing page to see what we have in and find up to date prices. Also note that we can order in most varieties and custom blends.

Alberta WEED Control Regulation Amendment Consultation

Amendment Survey now open until April 26, 2024, Have your say.

March 2024 News

Now that spring is here, we have a few bins of consigned seed available. Certified AC Morgan Oats, Common Seed Oats, and CDC Austenson Barley are available for purchase. Pricing can be found on the “Pricing Page”.

We can provide treating services above temperatures of -5 degrees Celsius. Call us to book your appointment in advance as it can get busy treating seed this month.

February 2024 News

As the weather keeps us on our toes, we are looking towards spring. 

Fusarium is everywhere this year so be sure to test for it before planning your seeding this spring.  Treating can be booked now and can even be arranged to accommodate cleaning first so that no extra trips are required.

We will have consigned seed availability and pricing available before the end of the month so keep checking the ” Pricing Page”.

January 2024 News

Welcome to 2024!

This month we are offering 10% early order discounts on all grass, pasture or hay type seed that are placed by January 31st. The orders will come into stock at in late March / early April and can be picked up at that time. 

December 2023 News


Due to the increase in positive fusarium results this year in Central and Northern Alberta, please be aware that treating is required to avoid the spread of this disease. Treating can be done at home but application processes should be verified to avoid chemical damage. Seed should only be treated in temperatures above -5*C, but only require this temperature until the seed is dry.

Also note, that if you have a positive test and are cleaning in our facility your cleaning dates may shift by a day or two in order to avoid cross-contamination with other producers. We appreciate your understanding with the our scheduling adjustments.

November 2023 News

The AGM is right around the corner on Wednesday, November 22nd at 5:00pm, held in the  plant upper boardroom. Anyone interested in participating on the board, please contact anyone at the plant or already on the Board. We will need  two positions filled this year.

Also, this is the last month to get your cleaning done at the lower rates, as they increase December 1st.

Special thanks to our troops this November and their families, please take the time to show your respect November 11th.

October 2023 News

As we get into cleaning season, please consider the following testing timelines prior to scheduling your appointments:

Fusarium testing typically requires 4-5 days for results.

Germination testing requires 7-14 days for results. Barley off combine can take longer.

Fall dormancy can occur with off combine grain. 

September 2023 News

Did You Know?

Stony Plain Seed cleans to near certified seed quality for all common seed. This is accomplished by using standard cleaning equipment and state of the art color sorter. 

All cleaning prices include color sorting service and are automatically included when cleaning cereal seed. Ask to add it to your pulses at no extra charge.

August 2023 News

Halfway though summer and we are taking cleaning bookings for Fall Rye. Be sure to get your cleaning booked early as prices increase in December. 

Also note that we will need new Delivery Declarations filled out. You can find them on the “Resources” Page.

Summer maintenance is now complete and we are back to full operations. We hope to see you soon.

July 2023 News

Summer is here and that means that the plant will see some maintenance at the end of the month. From July 24th to the 28th, the plant will have restricted capabilities. No grain deliveries will be accepted at this time, shipping will still be active.

Old share are no longer valid as of July 1st, please contact the plant to update or redeem your shares before September 1st.


June 2023 News


Effective July 1st, 2023, the Stony Plain Seed Cleaning Plant will no longer be recognizing shares purchased under the old share structure with a value of $25.00. The new share structure has been in place since 2003 with each share now valued at $100.00 to the maximum of 5 shares. Attempts have been made to update share memberships have been made over the years regarding this change. Please review your shares and update them with us as necessary. There are several forms accessible on our “Resources” page regarding shares including the share structure, change of customer information, purchase and redemption forms. Final share redemptions will be made September 1st, 2023, for all shares not updated.

May 2023 News

With seeding on the go, we are looking forward to a great year. Seed sales are winding down so if you need anything please hurry in and we will do our best to get you set up far a great crop. 

Stony Plain & District 73rd Annual Beef & Sheep Achievement Show & Sale will be held May 24th at the Stony Plain Pavilion. Come out and support our next generation of farmers and ranchers.

Farmers Days this year will be held June 2-4th at the Stony Plain exhibition grounds, you can find all the details online at stonyplain.com 

April 2023 News

Spring is finally here! Seeding season is just around the corner, we will cross our fingers for a good season and some well needed rain. Grass and forage seed will be coming in for the end of the month, please see our “Pricing” page to find out what we have in stock this year as well as prices. Always remember that we can have additional orders brought in within a weeks time, and we do accommodate special blends as well.

Memberships are being updated this year, so if you have new contact information please contact us with that information, you can also find the “Customer Change of Information Form” on our “Resources” page. Also, please note that all shares under the old share structure will become obsolete as of July 1st 2023, we will be reaching out to anyone still operating with those to update your shares.

March 2023 News

Our new Agriflo system is up and running, expect to se your documents in a whole new format. We have been working hard to launch this new system, and we appreciate your patience while we work out the kinks. 

This years seed includes certified  Austenson  and Frasier Barley, as well as certified AC Morgan oats and a limited amount of common. We are taking pre-paid bookings, and can accommodate loads picked up via truck or by the tote (extra cost for the tote). 

February 2023 News

Cleaning season is in full swing and the schedule is very busy. Make sure to get fusarium tests complete prior to your scheduled date. We are happy to send samples off for you, germ, fusarium and vigor tests can have results back in approximately two weeks. Check our cleaning colander on the “Cleaning” page to see what our availability is is you haven’t booked yet.

January 2023 News

Welcome to the New Year! We are still working on our new software and hope you will be able to see it soon. Among the many changes we are experiencing, there have been changes to our by-laws and share membership has been affected. We would like to reach out to members regarding these changes, but due to the many address changes that Parkland county has experienced we are lacking in updated contact information for many members. There is a “customer change of information” form on the resource page, and you are always welcome to call or drop in to visit so we can help sort out your information.

December 2022 News

We have soft launched our new software, this will take a bit of time before we will be sharing the new program with you as we work out the bugs, but we will continue to deliver our best service as we work through this next transition. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

November 2022 News

Please attend our AGM Wednesday November 23rd at 7:00pm at the plant. We have several important topics to cover, including new by-laws and new board appointments.

October 2022 News

 As always we are very thankful to all the farmers for all their hard work. We hope you got great yields this year and hope to see you at our facility soon.

In addition to cleaning, did you know we accept and send out samples for germination, fusarium and vigor tests. 

AGM will be held November 23rd at 7:00pm at the Stony Plain Seed Plant. Please come and give us your feedback and support for the coming year.

November 23rd @ 7:00 pm Location: Stony Plain Seed Cleaning Plant

September 2022 News

Fall is here again, and seed cleaning season starts to pick up here at the plant. 

Our color sorter is fully installed and up and running for this years crop. Please be sure to check out the cleaning schedule on our cleaning page before calling to schedule your grain cleaning. Also note that the earlier you clean the lower the cost, prices are posted on the same page.

If you didn’t know, paying for your cleaning the day you pick up your seed saves you 3 cents per bushel whether you are a member or not!

COMING SOON! We are still working on the new Agriflow system and hope to have it up and running soon.

August 2022 News

Halfway through the summer and we have many exciting things going on at the plant this year.

Welcome Marty O’Brien! Our new General Manager will be heading up the sales side of things this fall so please help us welcome him.

The color sorter is in! We are training up to put this new device to good use this fall for better cleaning  capability. 

COMING SOON! We are working on a new CRM platform, this will be an interactive log in to Agriflow, specially designed for SP Seed. Every document will be new from contract to invoice. It is still in the works, but is coming very well and we are looking forward to having a fully integrated system to track all operations here at the plant.


July 2022 News

Our annual shut down for Plant Maintenance will be July 25-29th. During this time the plant and scale will be unavailable, but the office will be open to customers. 

COMING SOON! We are getting a new color sorter. This will be installed during our maintenance week, and is expected to be fully functional by August. This machine will imporve our ability to separate grains previously considered inseparable. We look forward to our improved ability to clean grain for you.

Customer Appreciation will be held at the plant on Thursday August 4th, from 11am-3pm. Come for lunch, stay and see what’s new at the plant. Don’t forget to grab your sample bags and enter to win a door prize.

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