Pricing & Marketing


Commodity prices can be very volatile, so it is always good to regularly check our page to see where the markets are heading. Our most “current” commodity prices are listed below and are subject to confirmation. These prices are “indication only” and are subject to change frequently, so it is always best to get confirmation before making any final decisions. Prices are based on several factors, including grade, quantity, market demand, and location of pick-up and delivery point. All the prices listed below are FOB Stony Plain Plant unless farm pick-ups are arranged.

Please call for details or if you have additional questions.

Grain Marketing

(Feed 3-CW) Oats$3.50$226.94
(2-CW) Oats$4.00$259.36
Export (1-CW) Oats$4.25$275.57
Feed WheatNo current BidNo current Bid
Feed Barley (FOB Farm)TBDTBD
Green PeasNo current BidNo current Bid
(2-CW) Yellow PeasNo current BidNo current Bid
Yellow Feed PeasNo current BidNo current Bid

Forage & Grass Seed

Climax$137.75Special Order
Carlton Smooth$267.25
Fleet Meadow$274.75
Succession Hybrid$289.25Special Order
Carnival Tall Fescue$181.75Special Order
Boreal CRF (GST)$135.00
Orchard Grass  
Echelon/Endurance (50lb)$262.50Special Order
Amba/Athos (50 lb)$242.50Special Order
Perrennial (GST)$179.00Special Order
Max Italian$119.50Special Order
Kirk Crested$303.25Special Order
Hay & Pasture Mixtures  
Stockman's Blend$260.00
Horseman's Blend$235.75
Cattlemans$268.25Special Order
Lowlands$231.75Special Order
HayPro T10$263.50Special Order
Dawn Alsike$234.25
Belle Red D/C$220.00Special Order
Altaswede Red S/C$175.00
Common Yellow Sweet Clover$126.75Special Order
Common White$327.25Special Order
Lawn Seed  
Prairie Green 10 kg (GST)$60.00
Prairie Green 25 kg (GST)$155.00
Lawn Package (GST)$190.00
Bluegrass 50lb (GST)$224.50Special Order
Fertilizer (8-38-15) (GST)$45.00

All forage & grass seed prices are based on 25 kg (55 lb) bags unless otherwise listed.

Seed Grains

Barley - 2 Row$BU$/MTAvg/$/Acre
Certified #1 CDC Copeland Barley$10.75 $493.75 $32.25
Certified #1 CDC Austenson$10.25$470.78$30.75
Certified #1 CDC Maverick (smooth awn)$10.50 $482.27 $31.50
Certified #1 AC Morgan Oats$8.50 $551.14 $25.50
Common #1 Oats$7.70$499.27$23.10
Common #1$14.00$514.36

Above Cereals are quoted as bulk pickup

For 25 Kg bags
For Minibulks
Palletized & Shrinkwrap

$1.25/bag + GST
$35.00/bag + GST
$25.00/bag + GST

Current as of: May 10, 2021 2:44 am

Looking for Oats (#2 CW) Please contact our Grain Marketing Specialist.

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