Our Team

The Stony Plain Seed Plant’s heart is its staff, from the Processors; Dale Schell, and Curtis Lepine. SPSeed’s Shippers; Chris Hubley, and Wilbert Bareng, work hard to ensure your product is made to the highest standard it can be.

Quality control from the moment it enters the yard to the time it leaves. Stony Plain Seed is fortunate to have a wonderful staff that focuses on customer successes.

Andrew Jettkant


I have been working for Stony Plain Seed for seven years. I started as a processor back in 2013, and I worked my way up to head processor then to the assistant manager by my 3rd year. I became Plant Manager in 2018. I have been around agriculture for most of my life, grew up on a farm just outside of Stony Plain. I was part of the local 4-H till I was 21. Still help on the family farm. Stony Plain Seed has given high-quality service for the past 67 years, and I look forward to continuing that service into the future.

Linnea Stecyk


Hired as Logistics Coordinator in 2018. I have added a new variety of roles to my position and I am excited to see where things go, moving forward. My position has evolved to include not only logistics, but safety, some inventory management, and now the administration role. Keeping an open line of communication with our patrons has been a great asset. I am proud of my work with our clients as well as producers and am always happy to hear from them.



I Have been with Stony Plain Seed for over 8 years now. I started working for SPS as a processor in 2013, I then was accredited as a certified grader in 2015. This developed into a quality control role in the company as I handle the majority of the inbound/outbound sampling and overlook documentation pertaining to sampling grain. Prior plant work experience has been a major asset since moving into the office as an administrative support in February of 2022. I really enjoy understanding the company as a whole, each step from beginning to end! I continue & look forward to growing, understanding and being capable of helping every customer or supplier who comes to SPS!

Board of Directors

Dennis Dittmer – Chair
Darren Frank – Vice Chair
Harold Ritter
Duane Drews
Graham Jespersen
Dirk Vermue
Larry Gitzel
Joshua Letendre
Barb Shackel-Hardman – Parkland County Rep
Allan Hoefsloot – Parkland County Rep
Perry Hennig- Advisory Council
Leona Mychajlunow-Advisory Council

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